Lidl Is Now Doing on Classy Fashion

Lidl is not longer just to satisfy our hunger, the food discounter should now satisfy even our shopping lust. Because today opened the first Lidl pop up store on the luxury shopping street in Hamburg.

In the elegant shopping street “New wall” in Hamburg a Pop-Up store of the discounter Lidl. opened today right next to Gucci, Jil Sander and Prada may then start their hunt on the cheap premium line “Esmara” the “normal” woman.

“We expect no great sales and will therefore earn no money”, said Jan Bock, Lidl shopping head for Germany. It should be excites so only a little more attention, so that the women’s collection in the shops sells better.

Trousers, dresses and shoes under $50
To get hold of, then there pants, dresses, shirts and shoes, which cost up to 49,99 euros in the Hanseatic City boutique. With their discount fashion companies such as Lidl would appeal to a younger, perhaps unmatched until now by food, target group.

Lidl is however no longer alone in this idea. At the beginning of the year the largest competition “Aldi SÜD” brought the fashion collection “blue motion” with the designer Jette Joop on the market. Yet at the end of this month the new autumn collection with shoes, scarves and bags in the stores will be available.

A lucrative business
According to estimates of the “textile industry”, Lidl and Aldi will include textile turnover of more than one billion to the top ten of the German textile trade.