Life in Technicolor, by Harper’s Bazaar and Kasia Struss

This week the newspaper announced the collaboration of Kate Moss to handle and they confused the top with Kasia Struss. Human error that can happen to anyone who is not very into fashion as the Struss (like Miss Moss) is unique. And as demonstrated by us on the latest cover of Harper ’ s Bazaar Spain. Am what you gonna do? The magazine at the front of Melania Pan It is Holy of my devotion and I scream from the rooftops.

With a Burberry Prorsum styling and command of Nico in the field of photography, the model poses with an eye-liner which I hope does not get fashion: those spoilers in the eyes are not suitable for all. Neither the Mono at the Crown. Or in the form of pants jerseys. Then, why this cover I requetencanta?

A dilemma that only Scully y Mulder they could be resolved. And as it is not, stays in Record X. Do you think you the end result?