Looks Where The Vivid Tones Are Conspicuous by Their Absence. Wrong There?

As I said a while ago: when the low temperatures, my wardrobe is converted into Mordor. Colors black, gray, dark brown… All very off and with little life. But, what is the problem? None, I already tell you, and it is these hues mixed together they can be the sea of stylish. We don’t need vivid colors for that we brighten your day, We already take care of this.

Therefore the outfits where there is an absolute predominance of grey and black are options that are not going to become depressed. Feel so well that nobody is going to reprimand that you take do not light on them (rather, that no one dares).

With very little we achieved much, and if someone says you so off form in which you want to dress up, just deserve a big smile to dazzle them and show them the wrong thing that are.

Which option would you stay?