Low-Cost Spring-Summer 2014 Trends: Jewel More Than Ever

If you wonder which trend is carried in the low-cost shops across the country this week, the answer is clear: jewelry. And I don’t mean to add-ins, not, the clothes are presented as true jewels. Applications of strass decorate necks of shirts, pockets or breast so that this Spring-summer 2014 We are more than perfect. But if there is something that has succumbed to this trend in particular have been shoes… Your feet will look like never before.


  • Lace tube dress with Rhinestone band of Lipsy VIP, 183,09 euros.
  • Sweat-shirt with sleeves in contrast and rhinestones collar of Mother of Pearl, 352,10 euros.
  • Jersey crewneck and petals of precious stones of Needle & Thread, 98,59 euros.

Massimo Dutti

  • T-shirt with collar type jewel, 25.95 euros.
  • Bag type jewel, 125 euros.
  • Sandals of leather, 69.95 EUR.


  • Strapless top with detail on back, 15.95 EUR.
  • Jacket with detail in the neck, 35,95 EUR.


  • Shirt with Rhinestones, 89 euros.
  • Suede dress with beading at the neckline, 225 euros.
  • Sandal jewel, 69 euros.


  • Blouse insets in the neck, 29.95 euros.
  • Beige jacket with jewel, 39.95 euro wall.
  • Flat sandals with jewels, 49.95 euro.
  • Black shoes with detail of jewels, 45,95 EUR.

Authentic jewelry for your feet

  • Black Sandals of Bershka, 29.99 euros.
  • White strips of Bimba & Lola, 155 euros.
  • Type espadrille’s H & M, 29,95 EUR.
  • With fluoride touches of Miss KG, 77,46 euros.

Photos | The Blonde Salad

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