Mbfwb: Backstage at Malaikaraiss S / S 2012

4: 10, the time is pressing. In half an hour, 12 girls must be trimmed, slip gently into the collection items, and be prepared to provide the critical eyes of journalists and guests. Hustle and bustle will become routine. Everywhere is plucked, corrected, and by the way accomplished a small miracle. Because despite the enormous stress factor, which settles as a blanket about each one, the team behind MALAIKARAISS creates an atmosphere that encourages a little bit our iron belief in the good in the fashion industry.

A vacuum cleaner going in the far corner of the carpet, buzzing, breathes a Graham cracker crumbs. Next to it sits a porcelain girl, she has placed her long legs on the table. Someone appears always and again very carefully transparent color on the narrow toes stroking a brush in the nail polish bottle at their feet. By the way, quite good news in brief in the mobile are typed and chewed gum. Against the Langweweile before the storm.

Riesge mirrors, Licher, who comb pictures of Marilyn Monroe’s silhouette in the hair in our minds in their robes of Gare de trace, everywhere Rouge, powder, lipsticks. Exactly: A backstage area, this ominous place where girls become models, looks exactly as you imagine it. Slim beautiful people, dressing AIDS, stylists, hairdressers and Manager – all pull together, everyone knows that it is only together. No one here is snooty. And Yes, one night even candy and is not too fine to give high five for a monster-like snapshot photographer. Verdict: Cliche does not meet – even though a few of the models when they arrive of still band shirts wore.