Mermaid dress: how to wear this model full of charm and sensuality

How not to fall in love with a mermaid dress? The model that stopped being exclusive to the nocts and famous on the red carpet came not only to meet diverse proposals, but also to value women’s curves even more, regardless of height and body type.

Mermaid dress: how to wear this model full of charm and sensuality

Image and style consultant Helena Villar explains that the main feature of a mermaid dress is exactly what she values the look: “The tight waist and hip model opens abruptly from the knee line down, thus creating the effect of the syringe. This cut forms an hourglass-shaped silhouette, bringing more sensuality and glamor to the look. “

But what to combine with such a striking dress? According to the expert, it depends a lot on the proposal you want to create: “Because it is a sensual modeling, it is interesting to include very feminine shoes, bags and accessories in the composition. If the idea is to leave the look delicate, invest in lace fabrics, a princess neckline, tulle, soft tones, classic and small earrings, neutral makeup and hair stuck . For a more sensual style, think of accessories that soften it with discretion, such as an open striped sandal, accessories that accompany the neckline, a dramatic makeup, with eyes well marked, plus loose hair. The colors also count and much for this projection. There is also the minimalist proposal, in which the dress is the sole protagonist. For this, bet on a smooth fabric, without prints and opaque, almost nothing of accessories, leaving the lap purposely to the exhibition, “guides Helena.

Here are some beautiful compositions with mermaid dresses and the best tips of the professional to ensure a stylish , sophisticated and feminine look both formal and casual:

Mermaid midi

For the shorter models of this modeling, it is important to wear it with a high heel and preferably to have the footwear open, showing the foot a lot, so that the silhouette does not flatten: “Prefer the smaller and more delicate bars with a volume that suggest the mermaid silhouette, to ensure a long-standing sensation to the body, “explains the consultant.

Long mermaid casual

For more relaxed events and places, Helena suggests more open colors, prints, fabrics and more lavish materials: “Tricot or crochet models look superb in this body-fit modeling and can be worn on more casual occasions with peace of mind. Remember to suit all the rest, such as hair and makeup more casual, handbags and accessories as well, sandals with heavier heels, rope heels and high heels until a more elegant creep can work. “

Long party mermaid

Formal parties and gala events are occasions when the mermaid dress is most often worn, and what makes it appropriate for the situation is the refinement of its fabric, which can be smooth, embroidered or with gemstones. Tip of the consultant: “Speaking of glamor, you can abuse glitter, and it can be in the dress, makeup, accessories or any element that brings this idea of sophistication.”

Long mermaid with transparency

Adding transparency to the mermaid dress adds more sensuality, and does not necessarily have to be exclusive to celebrities on the red carpet. Helena emphasizes that the secret is in the right dosage so that the sexy does not get vulgar: “Nowadays it is common to play with the nude effect / skin tone in clothes, mainly party, under lace and embroidery that simulate transparency in small doses “.