Morpho Dresses: Finding The Dress That Matches Your Silhouette!

There is no such thing as a perfect and totally standardized silhouette. Without even talking about our weight or our size, we have all our specificities: a fine size, small arms, a small chest, or instead of the curves to camouflage and complex but not always there justified. Done Cosmopolitan point for you, and helps you to determine your body shape, on the one hand, but also to find dresses that will fit perfectly to your body shape. Follow the guide!

Necessarily wondered someday ‘ dress choose depending on my body ? ‘ or well still ” what dress shall I put with my figure ? Ah the eternal question… it would be time to answer, no?

First, it is important to define its morphology. To do this, take the test ! After that, different body types will have more secrets for you. Once you have become aware of family to which belongs to your morphology, Cape on the types of dresses to adopt emergency:

Short dress, strapless dress, long dress, backless dress, Mermaid dress : to each its little preference.

What dress to choose when you have a morphology in H?

You have an androgynous silhouette (fine, long legs and hips and breasts)? You’re “H-shaped” like our national Cristina Cordula .

You will find in the article dedicated to you is a ton of tips to learn how to enhance your figure.

What dress to choose when you have a round shape?

You have the pleasure and generosity in your cleavage: you’re a woman.

Learn from our article to highlight your chest and hide neither seen nor known your small love handles.

What dress to choose when you have a morphology hourglass?

Of the chest, a slim waist and pronounced hips. The Hourglass woman is an Ursula Andress of modern times: she turns heads.

However, a bad dress tailored to its proportions and it’s a disaster. To compensate for this problem, learn from our article special morphology hourglass finding the dress perfectly suited to your silhouette.

What dress to choose when you have a morphology in triangle or pyramid?

Is the most common type of silhouette. Jennifer Lopez , for example, is a “female triangle”: not a bad comparison, no? You have a bust menu, and in contrast to the rather wide hips and shoulders.

You look great in the air and fluid materials that highlight the sweetness of your curves. Attention however to the Slinky dresses that do not honor your silhouette!

For a more accurate description, go to section dedicated to you.

With all our tips and tricks, you little dresses !