Morpho Jean: I Finally Found The Jeans That Fit Me!

Denim is the Basic by excellence. Easy to live, casual or trend according to the care that you will bring to accessorize it, it lends itself to all the desires. How to find the ultimate John, one who made us a silhouette of dream in all circumstances? Find your jeans perfect depending on your body.

The John is an essential to our dressing room. Fashionistas will tear it, you can see it on all the shows and the street styles.

To stick to the trends, you must be able to adopt it in your looks trends. To set the value, you must also choose it depending on your body.

If you have hips, slim jeans isn’t necessarily a good idea to refine your silhouette. Short guide for those who want to find the right jeans !

Morpho Jean: I’m round

You have a round shape. Your size is little or not really marked. Not what complex, your silhouette is feminine and begs to be highlighted.

John Bell Bottoms high waist is ideal for structuring your outfit. It will grow a few centimetres while releasing your thighs.

Avoid too light jeans and opt for raw jeans.

You can wear your jeans with a tunic belted to accentuate your waist! Don’t forget to wear pretty shoes trend .

Morpho Jean: I have flat buttocks

Whether you are thin or pulpy, your buttocks are not very marked. Nothing is lost! We have the solution for you.

Skinny jeans is ideal to bring out your Tushy sublimating your silhouette. Above all, choose the low waist!

Besides, it fits with absolutely everything: t-shirt, romantic blouse, shirt, tunic, etc. That’s kinda our pet to us, it is essential!

I’m small

To enlarge your silhouette, avoid clothing that will blow you over.

To tee off, opt first for jeans or straight who lengthen legs. Of course, it will be ideal with high heels.

I have long legs

Large or small, pulpy or not, your legs are rather long. If you complexez a bit, we found the perfect jeans for you.

Bootcut jeans that will cut your legs a little and shorten them. Low-rise and straight cut, it is a true classic that can match with everything.

For example, a pretty blouse back in the John for not to “Pack” the silhouette with a pair of boots trends.

Morpho Jean: I’m skinny

If your figure is small, you can wear skinny jeans which will sublimate your slender silhouette.

Stretch and ultra-moulant, he is in all seasons and for all occasions: the day with a pair of sneakers and evening with a nice pair of shoes.

For the top, opt for a shirt, a sweatshirt or a slightly large blouse that you’ll drop on your hips.

The perfect jean

That is so, these perfect jeans? A jean that goes globally to all silhouettes. Whether large, small, thin, or luscious, it you will value.

It’s the boyfriend jeans ! And for once that fashion fits the largest number, let’s not sulk our pleasure!

Passed with pretty much all of our wardrobe. Shoes, opt for sneakers for flats or pumps.

Top level, absolutely everything can fit in with your boyfriend jeans. We love wearing it with a cropped top and a blazer a bit loose (only if we have the flat stomach).