Not All Are Chiara But These Egobloggers Also Petan It in Style

Is that clear, they are not Chiara Ferragni (or absence which makes them), but they squander style on all four sides and their blogs are full of trends and large doses of inspiration. With an enviable photography as a standard and an amazing Hunt (or begin) ability new viral trends, these egobloggers they do not stop increasing its presence on networks, which on the other hand, it is not surprising.

Fanny Lyckman

Championed by I’m Next, a Swedish where some of the most interesting egoblogs in the country have place site, Fanny Lyckman is the blogger underground par excellence.

Their daring combinations, towering platforms, excess animal print and black and the attitude that wastes in each photograph are its hallmarks. If you are looking for something different this is your blog, I have a couple of years following clues to Fanny and her style has only improved, but that Yes, there are certain looks which is better you decide not to wear them at a family meal with your in-laws. Better avoid attacks.


Levi Nguyen He opened his blog in 2012, when the boom of the blogs was evident, however, has managed to find the secret formula to differentiate yourself and succeed.

The sensitivity in each outfit and its marked taste for minimalism make of Tlnique pilgrimage blog, a web header, the site that you visit every day and of course, the blog that will catch you and fill your folders of inspiration (or your account on Pinterest) of “that look that I would love to take already same”.


Spain is different. Yes, but for good, at least as far as fashion blogs concerned.

Lucitisima It is one of my great discoveries of the past year, a blog that hooked me nothing more visit. Beautiful photography, the refined appearance each of the snapshots and the ease with which Lucite Yanez fits every tendency to its minimalist style me dazzled.

The chronicles of her

In the already-known Camille line over the rainbow, the contributor of Vogue Australia, Carmen Hamilton, It has a great legacy of fans who has fallen in love with their outfits straddling the latest trends and most classical simplicity.

The chronicles of her is a blog where Miss, a site that invites to expand of wardrobe with timeless pieces of easy combination and better aesthetic results.

Class is internal

I came by chance, I did click on the link of Class is internal, I watched two seconds the blog and fell in love instantly as if Cupid had effect on me.

The irreverent feeling of Sonya, which incidentally, has made his first steps in several teen films and has signed with a modeling agency Canadian, it is worth to follow, also brightens up your blog with photographs of his travels and the most beautiful corners of Toronto, city in which he lives.


Roos-Anne van Dorsten is presented as the Serena van der Woodsen’s blogs, although with a more rock style, full of black, leather and large coats yeti.

The most outstanding feature of Moderosa, In addition to photography, is undoubtedly the beautiful and copied style of your blogger. Campa simplicity at home in the closet Roos-Anne and not fall for the Swedish air of their outfits is a complicated task. If you get it, let me know.

Last time around

Mafalda Castro It is a Portuguese blogger, which in contrast to the minimalist power that reigns in the blogs for some years, she opts for the style hippie-folk and a little rocker undeground, the fringes and the ethnically motivated mingle with faux fur, leather pants and filled with chains and studded boots.

Eclecticism in its purest form. Last time around, aim.