Our Site Presents: “Winter Wonderland” – The First Christmas Movie With Kate Bosworth

The fast fashion industry is a competitive market: as it struggles with cooperations and interactive campaign and trend collections to the favor of the purchaser and is in the constant change of power with other global player, to entertain the customers constantly about themselves, to create Newswert and to bring the full bars on the man. The holiday shopping season is the most important time in the year and who need to apply it quite particularly aggressive.

Knows that even the Flagshiff of all fashion chains from England: our site. For days it can be with a mysterious campaign for the title #whosthatgirl in the dark we fall – and, what did you, who’s behind it? Around midnight, the secret was revealed now: Kate Bosworth presented the first Weihnachstfilm of the British and thus fires kicked off an interactive “360 degrees” campaign:

In the movie Madame Bosworth is alla Michelle Pffeifer in “the fabulous Baker boys and” on a piano and delicate touches the audience “Winter Wonderland” into the microphone. Your robe while also strongly reminiscent of Salis evening dress and is a custom dress, which she was allowed to design in cooperation with top shop made. Of course there are, as well as the delicate shoes and makeup of the beautiful Kate, soon to win via our site.

So far so good. And the mouth now not necessarily remains admittedly at the sight of wide open, although we appreciate a fresh face in the world of fashion cooperation – Kate Bosworth does indeed regularly in various magazines by their looks speak, a collaboration with a fashion house is however new us.

Our site itself speaks of a “360 degree campaign” the at the same time the drum for the store opening in L.A. to stir. Also the film on all social media channels, running of course top shop itself and inside as well as outside of the stores. But also the Printwelt and the cinema were not spared and were used already in the next five days with even more teaser #whosthatgirl.


To the full our site Christmas enjoyment to come are the song is now available as a download on itunes, as well as the film “the fabulous Baker boys and selected films by Michael Polish, who is also responsible for top shop. Spotify and SHAZAM sell by the way also the track.

“This project brings together two important aspects of my life: cinema and fashion. I have always been a fan of the Our site brand, and it has been in honour to work with Sir Phillip and the team. I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as we did making it.” Kate Bosworth

We find: Artsy-Fartsy deal not – though the idea for a Christmas movie ever is a very good idea, or not?