The Feast of Christmas Comes to The Covers: Do Copy These Looks?

There is desire to start Christmas parties and see the best dresses, as well as the best shopping ideas for gift giving. We are however already thinking in this and in the next days we will begin to enjoy it with a special that you won’t lose. The magazine covers they want to receive gala • Read More »

Karl Lagerfeld Congratulates Marie Claire Spain for Its 25th Anniversary

You already have the? November magazines? If you have not yet visited the kiosk, reserve a place in your basket for this month’s Edition of Marie Claire. The Spanish magazine celebrates November 25 years of existence, with the appearance of Karl Lagerfeld as guest editor. He put his personal stamp on the magazine, acts as • Read More »

Thank You Vogue Paris! by Bringing Back a Stephanie Seymour

I said it at the time. We all have our favorite past tops and the mine were two, Paulina Porizkova and Stephanie Seymour. The first seems missing map, perhaps because it has a few years than their peers the tops of the 90s. It was the second and only the most gruesome and sensational news • Read More »

Frida Kahlo Remains Iconic from The Cover of Vogue Mexico

If you could taking the cover of a fashion magazine to any icon of fashion of all time who wear? In Vogue Mexico they are clear, to the enormous Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), the painter who was a style icon, but even more noted for his strong personality and his talent. Frida appears on the cover • Read More »

As We Were: 1992 Year Prodigious and Christy Turlington in Cover

What a great year for Spain. 1992 all bring something to the memory, the Olympics. When it comes to fashion, 90s is the tops, listings of Calvin Klein with Kate Moss… Linda, Cindy and Naomi and also of Christy Turlington who seemed a perfect Greek beauty, without the imperfections of her companions. Thus he was • Read More »

As We Were: The Faces Most Repeated in The Magazine Vogue

You can have 120 years and be a girl. This year the Vogue magazine celebrates whopping more than one century portraying the fashion and the woman as part of its celebration has drawn up a list of the 20 women that more often have occupied your home at this time. The surprise increases with each • Read More »

As We Were: Sports Illustrated in The Early 1980s. Kim, Kim Always

Seeing is believing. Knowing what we were is a way to honor our past and sometimes also not to repeat the mistakes that were made. I love to rummage in the pandora’s box of publications for decades, beyond my memory and find jewels, diamonds that now seem rough, but at the time were more polished. • Read More »

Elizabeth Olsen Are Converted to Romanticism in Bullett

The magazine Bullett presents his volume VIII focusing on the romanticism, trend rather than extended face this new season and he does it with Elizabeth Olsen starring in a cover that I loved. It does not surprise me since the third of the series Olsen each time I prefer and you notice that he has • Read More »

Scandal! Nicole Kidman, “Eyes Wide Shut” to Your New Home

The magazine V It has launched its latest cover and the scandal flows through the network. Thanks to the magazine, not the image, we know that the subject is Nicole Kidman. Thanks to V by saving us minutes and hours in figuring out it looking at only the photo.

Emma Stone Already Has Your Number of September (Interview Knows)

The September numbers they are the most disputed in the magazines and that focus more efforts in the face of a new fictional course intending to present the news in the face to the forthcoming autumn season. That win was a cover of these is not trivial. Emma Stone You can already boast of one.

Linda Evangelista Is Multifaceted

Passion for retirement to the great models of the 80-90s is identical to the passion for fast food that many firms are turning to fashion, and thus lowering it. Nevertheless, there remain, laughing at the rest and demonstrating for something they have been the best and they remain so. The position of Linda Evangelista is • Read More »

The Art of The Nude for Yves Saint Laurent by Wonderland

Come, going, let’s get naked, which I like to the cause. With it’s Natalie carry recent now see this video of Yves Saint Laurent prepared for the magazine Wonderland. In it Anmari Botha, the blonde model, appears that naked from the waist up. Do you see the difference between false controversy and what we can • Read More »

The September Numbers of Spanish Journals…

… Come with Dolce & Gabbana double-entry. Baroque corsets of the Italians are convinced to Marie Claire Spain and a Harper ’ s Bazaar Equally, showing that originality is a good I excaso. As always, the latter takes the prize for the more artistic cover, with a more careful composition. The rest of covers, with • Read More »

An Image of The 90s? No, Penelope Cruz for Magazine

I follow the expectation that any cover of the September Issue surprised me, make that coffee I went through other routes and have to ponder what you just saw. But no, that (still) does not happen, although the new cover of W Magazine He has made an attempt for this reason. It is that have • Read More »

Kate, Daria and Lara: The Three Musketeers of Vogue Paris

As if a new three Musketeers format they were (more stylish, feminine and Super) Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy y Lara Stone starring the September Issue of Vogue Paris. “Le point de vue de Vogue” so they wanted to baptize this new number, soprendetemente does nothing but at the same time much.

Yes, The September Issue Are Already Here

The month of September It is the designated by the major magazines around the world. Why? For the simple reason that go on sale as expected, loved and praised September Issue. In less than 4 days We know what we are going to carry, it lags and the must that we can not live without • Read More »