Performance Tip: “Change Of Fabric“ – A German-Turkish Fashion Performance

Fashion is a form of expression and communication, reflects aesthetic feeling and bundles our interests to an individual whole in some way. We live in a global world, networked thinking and inspire us through a variety of cultural influences – are only rare Moreover aware. Because fashion is mainly a subjective decision, without that we often up to the smallest detail ever knows exactly the designer attracted what the sources of inspiration for his collection in what social context we should ernordnen individual fads. Not infrequently we clothe us so and so, because our very being require the individual to comply. But fashion has an origin and a cultural identity and that is to focus it once again:

On September 27, to tell. There fashion more closely scrutinized is taken at the Berlinische Galerie, more specifically in the White Cube: the fashion performance “Material change” – a German-Turkish fashion performance. There these influences are in scenic form and in the case of four young fashion collections as well as a streetwear and footwear label just can tracked and shown where there are sources of inspiration and new classify them as we. The collections of the Istanbul Selim Baklicı, who was born in Switzerland, of the German Turkish fashion designer Ayzit Bostan and Issever Bahri, a graduate of the ESMOD fashion school from Berlin Meltem F. Mamus and many expect more, to take us to their cultural journey and once again better understanding fashion trends and origins. Don’t miss:

The German-Turkish fashion performance “material exchange”
27 September – 20: 00
Berlinische Galerie
admission is free.

Will be hosted by the whole by “B – 34: Kulturk“, a German Turkish culture-media-Conference-Festival, designed on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the German Turkish Anwerbeabkommens end of October 1961 and organized in a cooperation between the Institute for culture and media management of the Freie Universität Berlin and the Bahcesehir University Istanbul (Faculty of communication) will take place.

Images via FU Berlin.