Playboy Muslima Shows for the First Time with Head Scarf

Actually known for their “Bunnys” dance the “Playboy” magazine photographed the young US journalist now Noor Tagouri (22) with head scarf. The responses are not only positive.

“Playboy founded by Hugh Hefner (90)” was once the pornographic booklet in the magazine landscape. At the beginning of the year then the surprise: the U.S. Edition adopted from her sexy nude pictures. Now, the Muslim journalist was Noor Tagouri for a current Special Edition not only attracted but photographed with headscarves for the men’s magazine.

For the series “Renegades 2016”, “Playboy” worked with people, who risked much in their lives, to fulfill their dreams and visions. Including Tagouri, advocating for the rights of Muslim women in long.

First news anchor with hijab
The young American woman with headscarf, leather jacket, jeans and sneakers was photographed on the “Playboy” images. In an interview with the magazine she betrayed Muslima of Libyan descent, that she wants to be the first news anchor in the United States with hijab like.

Reactions were mixed on her magazine appearance. “She shocked the world with their charisma and remains still down to Earth”, she praises a Twitter user. The Bloggerin Nishaat Ismail criticized Tagouri, however, for its decision. She have teamed up with a company that found on the “objectification of women”.

Even if fans of the Muslima and parts of the public criticize the cooperation with “Playboy”, the magazine is quite sure that this issue is especially important. “Tagouri leads us to ask us why we have problems still to get used to, that there are young women who deliberately conceal their head”, says in an official communication of the publishing house.