Primark Landed in The United States. for The American Conquest!

Today, when a signature triumphs in his country is expands towards the foreigner. If you are based in Europe will gradually expand to, later on, take the big step and cross the pond to present to the U.S. market. And is that USA is the place to succeed. And now Primark It has decided that it is time to be present on the North American continent and expected to open its first store in the City of Boston the coming year.

A total of 70,000 square meters space serve to sell their collections. The place? In the historic building of the Department store Filene. And it is that if done in the United States, it has to be done big. We will have to wait to see if prices are going to be as appealing as they are in England, and if the English collection arrives or just have the Collections here (a shame that in our country do not reach all products).

Today, the firm has low-cost with 269 establishments, of which 39 are in our country.

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