Pure Art in Your Clothes [The 50 Sweethearts of Summer]

This season the pint is taken and colors in our garments. And is that the stamped arty is more fashionable than ever, from there to that this print has become one of my 50 favourite spots for this summer 2014. He first presented it Celine in its collection Spring-summer 2014 and now there are several firms no-frills showing us their proposals.

Zara, Mango Primark are some of the brands that put the eye in This trend and thus they teach us with their new collections. Skirts, pants, dresses, shirts… Lo que tú quieras. The variety of colors is infinite, as well as the designs of each of these items. You know How will it look?

  • Printed skirt of Zara, 35,95 EUR.
  • Printed pants from Zara, 39.95 EUR.
  • Skirt pleated and stamped from Mango, 39.99 EUR.
  • Straight and patterned dress of Zara, 39.95 EUR.

Photos | All the pretty birds

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