Sandra Bullock, of Special Agent Miss a Girl of Fashion

Sandra Bullock It is the typical actress who has improved his style over the years, just like a good wine. Its beginnings as an actress were riddled with commercial success, but its worth as an actress was not well recognized. Now with the maturity get you recognition and a change in their manner of dress. The actress walks through the red carpets with ease and glamor and surprises and strangers with their looks with a more modern and refined style.

The principle on the red carpet

The actress began to be famous mid-1990s and his style at that time corresponded to what was those years. Nothing remarkable. Us we go back towards the year 2005 to see the change that has suffered the actress. Its principles on the red carpet have a common denominator: looks boring rubbing of the tacky, and not is no excuse since those years many actresses already highlighted by a much more modern and elegant.


While the actress did not stop work and stepped on many red carpets, his style did not have a fixed course. Cocktail putting him 10 years over, poorly led glitters and some other attempt dress modern dresses. Sandra tried to change its image with new hairstyles and new looks, but just never got it.

Testing, testing…

There comes a time in which Sandra Bullock starts to keep trying different styles to find your own. Debugging your image a bit more and bet on dresses with more glamor to the red carpet. We don’t know if thanks to a new stylist or on its own initiative. The actress attends galas on fashion and increases her wardrobe, but his film career goes down.

2009 and 2010, the years of Sandra

In 2009 the actress premiered 2 movies that marked his career. For his work in “All About Steve” won the Razzie (anti Oscar awards) for worst actress and 24 hours later won the Oscar for “The Blind Side”. In 2010 it adopted her son. They were the years of the resurrection of Sandra and shows a remarkable change in their way of dressing and styling. Go to events and red carpet dresses from top designers like Marchesa, Alexander McQueen and Elie Saab. And above all let’s strange hairstyles for sophisticated looks.

Who has seen you and who sees you, Sandra!

2014 is great for Sandra. In recent years his style is more refined, follow trends and is one of the best on the red carpet. Not to collect awards and is a candidate again for an Oscar for best actress. Sandra Bullock gives us almost perfect outfits, with glamor, age-appropriate, more mature and mostly looks handsome and relaxed. And to you what you think about change of style of the actress?