Scandal! Nicole Kidman, “Eyes Wide Shut” to Your New Home

The magazine V It has launched its latest cover and the scandal flows through the network. Thanks to the magazine, not the image, we know that the subject is Nicole Kidman. Thanks to V by saving us minutes and hours in figuring out it looking at only the photo.

One wants to think that carca has not become and that that topless and those long legs covered by a mini for a 10-year-old girl are receipt. Nicole had never worn in this manner, and the author is, Yes, surprise, Mario Testino.
My guess is that everything is due to the spring chicken of his latest film character: The Paperboy (still for sale), already known as the film in which Kidman urine on the actor Zac Efron. It is difficult to determine if it touches the bad taste or directly is in bad taste. Everything depends, in my opinion, for this role. If not: what need does Nicole have?