Stars Wear the Double Busenblitzer Now!

It does not show like Kim Kardashian his nipples in public. It is more subtle. The celebrity ladies have a new favorite trick, to stage her bosom.

Even if it looks – Underboobs mistake are not. More and more fashion stars like Chiara Ferragni (29), Gigi Hadid (21) and Kendall Jenner (20) show her cleavage now from below rather than from above, or by page insight (Sideboob). Yes time is time for a change…

Underboob show without being embarrassing – here’s how:

  1. maintain
    Clear is who is breast – no matter whether above or below – should take care of the neckline. Advance a scrub and a firming cream, especially for breast and neckline are a must. Tip: working when applying the lotion with the hands from the bottom upwards – virtually against the force of gravity. Important: don’t forget the sunscreen.
  2. styling
    A short or better yet short-cut, loose-fitting top is perfect for the down-without-look. As the part stretch so that the upper body still slips a bit higher and looks the bosom nicely taut. On photos, casual interlock best the arms over the head.
  3. cheating
    Who wants to show his bare breasts not equal, can also once how Lady Gaga the security option and carry a great lace bra among them, who skillfully under the top excellent Lugt. Believe it: that is just as seductive.
  4. embellish
    By the way, who even better views, his Underboob would draw: located below the chest a tattoo sting is just extremely popular. The #underboobtattoo blossomed so slowly but surely to the new tramp Instagram is full of inspiration.
  5. I’d rather not!
    Finger away from the Underboob trend as soon as the breasts are no longer firm and threaten display lead. You will know best what is available or not. And in the job, this appearance is of course taboo. Exception: You work in a night bar.