Stefanie Giesinger Conquered in Sexy Lingerie Italy

GNTM champion Stefanie Giesinger (20) now ran for the lingerie label in Verona on the catwalk. Is that still about what with the very great modeling career?

The title of winner of GNTM already long not more equitably is Stefanie Giesinger. The model secured various model jobs, launched her own jewelry collection, and brought a Dirndl collection on the market now just in time for the Oktoberfest. Now, she ran as a full professional in sexy lingerie on the catwalk in Verona.

GAMO is Ambassador for “Tezenis” and presented the new collection looks at the current show in Verona next to Rita Ora (25). Stefanie was able to convince with a top figure in Black Lace with deep recesses. Since September, also their own designs “Stefanie Giesinger loves Tezenis” are available.

Her big goal “Victoria’s secret”
The run seemed like a light version of ‘ Victoria’s secret show”. Exercises Jacques already for their grand entrance? Finally, it is no secret that she would like to be an Angel. This goal seems not to be so distant. Compared to “RTL”, she should have betrayed, that the “Victoria’s secret” Supremo count among their Instagram followers and also hard would liken their contributions.

The examples Kendall Jenner (20) and Doutzen Kroes (31) wants are the Kaiserslauterin in nothing. Therefore, she eats healthy and disciplined working on her body. Because a curvy and well trained body is the minimum required to fasten the wing of the famous underwear manufacturer. “I’m trying to exercise every day. Sometimes I succeed for 20 minutes, sometimes I work out even one hour,”she told the “cosmopolitan”.

Their 2.2 million Instagram followers can admire Giesinger and boyfriend Marcus Butler regularly their workouts. Since someone seems to their single-minded mentor, model MOM Heidi Klum (43) to come!