Steps for Impeccable Ironing on Your Shirts

Surely you’ve always wondered how to get your shirts look flawless after ironing them. In Mensencia we want to explain with simple tricks and the steps to follow, so that your iron does not leave a single wrinkle throughout your shirts.

Steps for Impeccable Ironing on Your Shirts

The shirt is perhaps one of the pieces that more work gives when ironing. It depends a lot on the type of cotton they carry, but as a general rule and even if they are labeled with the phrase Easy Iron, they all need to go through the heat and steam of your iron.

The times in which your mother, your wife or your girlfriend were in charge of ironing your clothes is history. A man must be just as capable of doing this activity, surely many of you have been in trouble or have no choice but to do so. From now on and with these simple steps the ironing will become something that only you want to do.

First of all and most important is to iron on a board, forget to do it on the dining room table or the kitchen, the result will be much worse and you will have difficulty accessing areas of the garment that need special care. Remember that the iron always has to be perfectly cleaned at the base, since it can not stain your shirt.

It is important that you always have the water tank full, steam plays an essential role in removing wrinkles, so it regulates the temperature to its maximum and fires steam at will .

We will always start by the neck, if it is “botton down”unzip the buttons, so it will be completely plagued and the result will be optimal. The neck of the shirt is one of the most important elements, press the iron well on it several times until it is stiff.

Then comes the turn of the shoulders. To do this part of the shirt on the frontedge of the table, as indicated in the photo and smoothly slide the iron on both, first the left and then the right, or vice versa. If you just bought a shirt and you want to put it before washing it, perform this operation several times since the folding that they bring from factory marked with the tweezers and pins it bears.

Once you have your shoulders ready, we put on the cuffs of the sleeves, opening all the buttons that lead and starting the ironing inside the same. Like the neck, the cuffs have a double fabric, so give them heat without mercy.

Also we will repeat the same operation with the outside of the fist and we will put with the sleeves. First those of one arm and then those of the other. This may be one of the areas with a little more difficulty, since the ideal is that the sleeve does not carry the line that marks the iron. For this you should try to iron it on two sides.

First we will place the sleeve horizontally and pass the iron without ironing the top of it so that it does not mark the line, then we will take the sleeve, we will turn the fabric that has not been in direct contact with the iron and we will repeat the same operation.

As you see now, we already have three ready zones: the neck, the shoulders and the sleeves with their fists. The most important thing is the chest and back. They are parts that will indicate if a shirt has been well ironed, so try to be careful in the final sprint of the ironing.

To do this, you must first place the left side of it, that is, the one with the buttonholes. I always start in this area, a hobby that I have. Place the chest on the table as you see in the photo, leaving the rest of the shirt hanging to the ground. Do not suffer for the rest as it remains equally well ironed.

All this part must carry a good ration of steam and heat. Be careful with the folds of the bosillo (if you wear them) and with the upper tab of the buttonholes, just where they fasten the first two buttons. This is a part you see, since normally if we do not wear a tie, we have it unbuttoned. Watch and hit the iron as you see in the photo.

We will repeat exactly the same procedure with the part of the dercha (the one that louvered the buttons).

Finally we have the back, an easy part to iron, just place the shirt face down and extend the surface of the fabric as we iron, do not neglect the upper area (the one bearing the label) and… voila, an impeccable shirt and perfectly ironed.

With practice you will realize that all these steps have their reason and priority before others. Surely we will soon have in mensencia some ironing iron shirts. Now all you have to do is put it on and look like a real gentleman.