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Long Sleeve Shirt with Tie

Hey, heard during a lecture on the subject of etiquette that tie together with long sleeve shirt (e.g. a v-neck Wool Sweater) is style crimes but that it’s ok to have a tie under a cardigan. What is your opinion?

Essentials of a Work Wardrobe

This is it. You rock the interview and call you to offer you a position. A true first adult job. You’re well excited and you’re already thinking about how you will decorate your office #CubiculeLifespace. There, BANG. The big question arises. But to know that I’m going to ben power put me on the back 5 days a week?

How to Wear the Denim Dress

Denim dress is renewed every season. It is a sure value of our closets, because it can be worn in many different ways. In casual or chic version, check out how well associate it.