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Wholesaleably Wholesale Fashion

When a well-dressed woman, confident, full of personality and style, a place one cannot rip looks. Nina Garcia, author of “the black book of style,” says: “the first and most important step to take is to design style that kind of confidence, one that conveys to people you respect, love and dresses for herself and no • Read More »

Different Styles of Mens Dress Shirts

The Style of dress shirts Le col de Chemise. The purpose of a shirt collar is well balance and frame the face of a man. It is the most visible of a shirt when you wear a jacket and due to its proximity to the face, she plays a very important role in the determination • Read More »

List of Cheap Watches

Disclaimer-Today we welcome our brothers the repairers for a selection of watches. Our thing to us is really the clothes (apart from some guides heartfelt Luke, one of our readers), so we offered to repairers to make you their latest finds. If our BonneGueule friends advise you in your dress and stylistic choices, the repairers add that little more what the watch, and • Read More »

Cheap Sweatshirts

If you ask any fashionistas what is a must indispensable de time the answer will be one and only one! No matter go out of fashion shows or comb through the streetstyle sites to understand it: it is a real invasion. The shops are like grasshoppers and supply the fashionistas whenever ending stocks in short, it is still out • Read More »

How to Sew a Corset

This plain-looking piece of lingerie, corset is actually able to completely change the appearance of women is a sensitive and, at the same time, vulnerable and tender. Made of hands corset emphasize all his dignity and skillfully hides figure flaws. In it you will feel the perfect woman – regal and romantic. How to Sew • Read More »