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Carolina De Monaco, a Benchmark of Style Not Fashion Happens

Tomorrow held in civil marriage between Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo. Although expected a wedding that we will see very little, since the bride and groom want everything in the strictest intimacy (and it seems that they have banned photos), we hope to see some outfits. Among them, insurance that draws attention by its elegance of • Read More »

Sandra Bullock, of Special Agent Miss a Girl of Fashion

Sandra Bullock It is the typical actress who has improved his style over the years, just like a good wine. Its beginnings as an actress were riddled with commercial success, but its worth as an actress was not well recognized. Now with the maturity get you recognition and a change in their manner of dress. The • Read More »

Romantic Dinner Dress

By a pleasant summer evening, nothing more fun than getting nice for going out to dinner with her man. It is therefore typically an evening look that I post here: dress, high heels and a little more provided than usual jewelry.

How to Style Maxi Black Dress

The black dress, more known under the name of “maxi black dress” is a wardrobe essential that you probably already have in your wardrobe. Yes, but how carry with style? Very chic but very common in turn can sometimes dissuade us to approach it.

Kylie Minogue Yves Saint Laurent

Kylie Minogue is a talented singer who during his long artistic career he has sold over 60 million records, the singer and producer Australian however has repeatedly filled the Pour Femme Fashion pages for his attention to the look, always choose clothes and accessories fashion and fashion and leaves nothing to chance. Kylie Minogue was photographed with an exclusive pair • Read More »

Essentials of a Work Wardrobe

This is it. You rock the interview and call you to offer you a position. A true first adult job. You’re well excited and you’re already thinking about how you will decorate your office #CubiculeLifespace. There, BANG. The big question arises. But to know that I’m going to ben power put me on the back 5 days a week?

Manager Magazin Klaus und Klaus

Two more months until the Stuttgart Beer Festival. As it is, to make now already thinking about the right outfit. Clear: The dress is a must in the Stuttgart Beer Festival. But what woman wearing it in the current season?

Little Black Dress Must Have

“Base style base” according to Karl Lagerfeld, “Essential part of the wardrobe of a woman” from Christian Dior, the little black dress is a must have by excellence. Tour d’horizon of this classic thanks to 50 new spring 206. Symbol of sobriety and elegance of the French, the little black dress is a must in our • Read More »

Asia Argento Red Carpet

Finally Asia Argento is back to unleash his most rebellious side by choosing the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival 2011 a sensual and retro look designed by Alberta Ferretti. The Italian actress, daughter of the legendary horror director Dario Argento, has literally overshadowed colleague Manuela Arcuri, who marched with her ​​on the red carpet, thanks to this beautiful dress is the perfect compromise • Read More »

How to Wear the Denim Dress

Denim dress is renewed every season. It is a sure value of our closets, because it can be worn in many different ways. In casual or chic version, check out how well associate it.

Zooey Deschanel New Movie

The beautiful American actress Zooey Deschanel attended the premiere of her new movie “Our Idiot Brother” which was held in Los Angeles. Zooey Deschanel chooses a rakish look, a dress designer Moschino frou frou and really cute and was part of the autumn winter 2011 2012, all rusches and sexy, she looks great and fits perfectly even with her face naughty • Read More »

How to Find the Perfect Cocktail Dress

Looking for a dress for a cocktail party? Check out all our plans and our fashion tips to find one that you will value, and will make you beautiful.

Missoni Resort Collection

The beautiful Colombian actress Sofia Vergara was photographed with a looke xplosive and colorful at the premiere of the film “The Smurfs” in New York which took place on 25 July. Sofia Vergara is a girl that I love, it’s nice and, although it is, can not do the part of that super provocative. Sofia Vergara for his look focuses • Read More »

Dress Code for Christmas Party Ideas

A timeless rule to follow at Christmas: should it shines! If there is a dress code with which we can afford glitter, sequins and counterbored galore, it’s good for the year-end holidays. So we don’t skimp and it is shoppe a little dress to shine a thousand lights!

Tips for Buying A Dress

Are you an Oktoberfest newbie and you need a few tips on how the perfect dirndl looks like? We have a few rules for every figure and every taste. In Dirndl you can really only feel comfortable: particularly narrow women with little bust conjures the Dirndl clearly a fuller cleavage . A belly, wide hips and a powerful butt disappear under • Read More »

Latest Dress Fashion Trends

I don’t know about you but I tend to shop loose clothing a little coming to camouflage my silhouette. I recently changed my habits and discovered a whole new world: the washing tight. It takes a few tries to well to tame the clothes that stick to the skin, but the adaptation is done quietly and worth • Read More »

Kylie Minogue Yves Saint Laurent

Kylie Minogue, the pocket Venus pop music, was paparazzi on the streets of London with a look chic, understated and irresistibly trendy signed Yves Saint Laurent. The Australian singer has now completed 43 years but despite the serious health problems that year hit a few years ago, has proven to be a strong woman of character and, let’s face it, • Read More »

White Sequins Dress

I, you and the scent of spring. Come on, ask me what my favorite season? Here, I’d scream, the SPRING! I like spring and autumn: I hate the too cold, I hate too hot. While the spring, with its first sunny days, the fragrance of flowers, the air finally lukewarm … I love it! And then, even at the level • Read More »

Escada Fall Winter Collection

There we gave a taste of the hype that Escada has produced to promote his collection autumn-winter 2010/2011 , and as has happened with many other brands, after a juicy preview, the brand founded by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley shows l ‘ entire advertising campaign. the view we had together, the star of the shots is the beautiful Milla Yovovich, • Read More »

Where to Find Ball Gown Prom Dresses

Unless you live in Gossip Girl and called Blair Waldorf, it is rare that we have the opportunity to wear an evening dress, let us say. And because we’re in a dream, the prom is, for many of us, a golden opportunity to improvise (millions of dollars less) Duchess for a day.