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How to Wear a Cap on Women’s Looks

Wearing a cap gives women lots of style. But as it is still widely seen as a male part, some girls do not know how to adhere to the accessory. The cap not only protects from the sun as it is great to give that one disguised in the days of bad hair. So if you want • Read More »

Nail Rings – Know This New Trend

After the trends of the most varied styles of enamels with colors and shapes of varied finishes, those who love trends when it comes to hands and nails should be aware of the newest new arrival in Brazil: Nail Rings: nail ring), which is nothing more than a ring used on the nails, on the • Read More »

Men’s Leather Briefcase

Although it may not seem yet, Christmas is fast approaching. If you want to tick off another surprise for his counterpart, practical gift can become a men’s satchel. What to take into account when buying men’s briefcases? Many men wear a bag to work. They ask if something really elegant, modern men’s briefcases meet all their requirements. So if you • Read More »

Wholesaleably Wholesale Fashion

When a well-dressed woman, confident, full of personality and style, a place one cannot rip looks. Nina Garcia, author of “the black book of style,” says: “the first and most important step to take is to design style that kind of confidence, one that conveys to people you respect, love and dresses for herself and no • Read More »

Bra Trend 2016

Beautiful and fancy bras are the trend. Not only today, but always. But what kind of bras are the trend, the dear reader is another question. Almost every year new trends. The celebrities do it before. Well, almost always it is so that the celebrities-enter the beautiful and rich a template of what is currently popular. They present new brands and • Read More »

Women’s Plus Size Corsets

If you love the look of satin sensual, smooth leather or lace sexy, many figure flattering styles of plus size corsets are perfect for a night on the town or an evening of fantasy fun. Corsets: Then and Now For hundreds of years the ladies corsets were worn as clothing functional. Their purpose was to keep • Read More »

How to Sew a Corset

This plain-looking piece of lingerie, corset is actually able to completely change the appearance of women is a sensitive and, at the same time, vulnerable and tender. Made of hands corset emphasize all his dignity and skillfully hides figure flaws. In it you will feel the perfect woman – regal and romantic. How to Sew • Read More »