Take Advantage of the Summer Sale to Renew the Wardrobe

With the settlement of January we have a good time to buy men’s clothing in the summer, the brands and stores offer discounts that can reach 70% and the online stores are not left out. We have selected some items with good discounts and are worth having in your wardrobe, just click and buy, see below:

Take Advantage of the Summer Sale to Renew the Wardrobe

Oakley sunglasses Holbrook LKx Tortoise Multicolor

This model of Oakley features the classic frame tortoise in the format that is very reminiscent of a Wayfarer with a modern touch. Indispensable!

Of R$ 490,00 per R$ 344,99 – Buy here!


Pants Calvin Klein Jeans Sandblasted Wine

How about a little color in the summer look? This pant in wine from Calvin Klein has an effect sand blasted nice and goes well with sneakers or casual shoes.

Of R$ 359,00, for R$ 220,99 – Buy here!


Shirt VR Slim Navy Blue

Shirts are never too much, especially for those who want to look cool for going out at night. This VR has a cutting fits well and the fabric that creates a visual effect very nice to be with a shoes the social, or with a jeans as well modern.

Of R$ 249,00, for R$ 198,99 – Buy here!


Clock Bulova WB22088D Black

Every man needs a beautiful watch to complement the look and this Bulova is going to give the touch of elegance that was missing to his look, not to mention the discount, which is great!

Of R$ 2519,99, for R$ 1672,90 – Buy here!


Belt VR Brown

A leather belt basic and casual is key to any man, so if you don’t have one of these in the wardrobe, the time has come!

Of R$189,90, for R$89,99 – Buy here!


Boot Sandro Moscoloni Stroke brown

Those who enjoy a visual casual grip rocker certainly will like this boot. Combined with a jeans frayed, and a black t-shirt she is going to call attention by their worn leather and custom. I know that we’re talking about summer clothes, but who can resist a boot of this?

Of R$ 189,90, for R$ 149,90 – Buy here!


Cap Colcci Embroidered Brown

Finished well done, the details in the right measure and material unusual (denim) this cap of Colcci is a choice that is good enough both for fans of this type of accessory, and for those who just want protection against the sun.

Of R$ 99,90, for R$ 68,90 – Buy here!


Bermuda Forum Stripes Blue

The effect created by the stripes gives a different visual for this area of the Forum, add a linen shirt and tennis shoes basic white and your look is set!

Of R$ 280.00, for R$ 198,99 – Buy here!


T-Shirt Forum Muscle Skull Black

This is a good option to accompany the boots mentioned above. The pattern of classic rock’n’roll never goes out of fashion and allows combinations of simple or even something more sophisticated with a black blazer, for example.

Of $ 104.00, for R$ 82,99 – Buy here!


Sapatênis West Coast Jeans Grey

Here is an ideal footwear for hot days, lightweight, cheap, cool, it will keep up during the summer in looks varied, for its neutral color will not limit never!

Of $ 199.99, for R$ 169,99 – Buy here!


Jeans G-Star Blast Blue

Do not give to pass the season without buying a jeans again with a visual current, and cut right, isn’t it? This G-Star, one of the most popular designer brands of denim in the world, is with an unbeatable price!

Of R$ 399,00, for R$ 155,90 – Buy here!


Belt Rafarillo Blue

If the summer asks for color combinations and relaxed, nothing helps more than a nice canvas belt striped, just use it as a complement for the look get a new look!

Of the R$ 59,90, for R$ 29,90 – Buy here!


T-Shirt Colcci Slim Road Blue

For this time of year it is always good to have in the drawer a t-shirt in tom as well of course and with a picture of a cool to combine with shorts, jeans or chinos.

Of $ 80.00, for R$ 63,99 – Buy here!


Shoes Levis Stains Caramel

A combo a bit more elaborate deserves a tennis height. This Levi’s with leather stained combines perfectly with jeans or twill pants and gives space for the t-shirts and shirts of different styles.

Of R$ 219,90, for R$ 153,90 – Buy here!


Bermuda DAFITI EDGE Chambray Blue

This is a piece that used the right way can be the key piece of a look. urban or, if you want a longer style beachy, just use creativity.

Of R$ 119,90, for R$ 78,99 – Buy here!


Watch Magnum MA10216T Silver

Those who want action need a watch that can keep up with and this Magnum is perfect for anyone who doesn’t think of wasting the summer played on the couch!

Of R$ 309,99, for R$ 264,90 – Buy here!


Toiletry Bag Bennemann Zipper Black

Currently every man carries with him a large amount of products for male grooming and small accessories that need to be well accommodated. With this toiletry bag leather you can carry with you items such as pomade for hair, comb, scissors, sunscreen, etc.

Of R$ 89,90, for R$ 66,90 – Buy here!