The “Dolce Troupe” of The Fashion Is Meets on Dolce Gabbana

How I like it Bianca Balti, She’s Helena Christensen of the new century, that Helena sweet giving spasms seen in the video of Chris Isaak. Brunette, eyes clear, never-ending hair, eyes of gata and Leone pose. See her among the attendees to the Parade of Dolce Gabbana It has captured my interest.

If outside my friend would not fit me more than hating it, not only is he a diva, they also have offspring but adolescent body. What life is the one of the models! Her current boyfriend, singer Francesco Mele, is anything less beautiful as it is not what has been husband of Stephanie Seymour for 20 years, another of my favorites, or of Paulina Porizkova, another more. For what more beauty if you have it all? She is protagonist of their campaigns for years and could not miss sheathed in his Dolce.

Giovanna Battaglia It was there too as the main part of the fashion system, that which before was hiding after signatures it about a magazine fashion shoots and now, some are omnipresent as if they had the power of ubiquity. Very cute, as always.

Anna Dello Russo is the international Carmen Lomana, the woman who shows (sometimes not) than a mini, a headdress bizarre, teach get it up to fatigue or some Doc Martnes they can look at the taitantos, which I have failed to find their age as much as I have googleado. Fortunately for his eccentricities, he works in fashion (and is not our mother). More clean than usual and ideal with her dress of gold in honor of the Dolce.

André Leon Talley also was there, semper fidelis companion of Anna Wintour He wore other eccentricity that only you can wear when you have a life where you’re not going to the supermarket and your work can explain your weird stuff. Sandals of Tibetan monk and black tunic that stole from Demis Roussos.