The Fashionable Woman, Cate Blanchett, Conquest The Premiere of George Clooney and His The Monuments Men

We always speak of twenty but the twenties are not usually make things more interesting. In the last premiere which has been seen to George Clooney show that when it comes to women with style are not ages. They can be hit or Miss but his personality and know-how are above.

They seem excited George Clooney y John Goodman at the premiere of Monuments men. And asu are waiting for their partners at the gala. Start with a mujeraza of 59 years, who would say. She was like the Cameron Diaz in 90s, up to be physically pareceian. Ellen Birkin super black and with a masculine touch.

I’m still more girl, 30. She’s Leelee Sobieski and well, to be the younger is that less party removed. What is youth, you think that with any cloth you are going well and not.

And finally the diva of divas. The Queen of 44 screws which seems to have 20 less. There was also Cate Blanchett and did so wearing a Proenza Schouler.