The Feast of Christmas Comes to The Covers: Do Copy These Looks?

There is desire to start Christmas parties and see the best dresses, as well as the best shopping ideas for gift giving. We are however already thinking in this and in the next days we will begin to enjoy it with a special that you won’t lose. The magazine covers they want to receive gala November and for that show us some looks like this party’s Gisele Bundchen for Harper ’ s Bazaar Brazil.

Full for Harper ’ s Bazaar Spain and your home with Prada and Eugenia Volodina.

While, Vogue Spain opt for more of the same with Penelope Cruz. I swear that this image I’ve seen thousand times. Not is there another record to take the Spanish actress? This time dressed in Armani Privé.

I stay before with Chanel Iman (always) and with the retro wink at the hands of the photographer Mike Rosenthal for the magazine XOXO The Mag.

From Vogue Holland still turns with Baroque style and the excessive romanticism with Anna de Rijk dressed in Dolce & Gabbana.

In Vogue Russia they seek an alternative idea and include the costume for the party with Arizona Muse by Richard Bush. Well beautiful, clear.

Meanwhile, in Vogue United States go to simple things: party passion red and Valentino. Rihanna in the hands of the surprising little Annie Leibovitz.

For those who seek the risk: the Oriental countries. Vogue China with Natasha Poly in this monkey’s Dolce & Gabbana.

And in Japan one step more falling in the hands of the excess of Fendi. Poor Kendra Spears.

Now, no one is inspired by the cover of Number Tokyo makeup for Christmas. Yes up to Toni Minogue sale rare.