The Largest in The History of Vogue, Lady Gaga Number

If you have seen the documentary The September Issue, you know that the September issue of Vogue USA (in general, the of all magazines) is prepared with devotion, hard work and special dedication. It is the largest number of the year, which marks the beginning of a new year filled with fashion. This year beat its own record: 916 pages, a spectacular Lady Gaga on the cover and…

An almost surreal photograph made by Mert & Marcus, with the pop star wearing a purple dress with cut siren’s Marc Jacobs, and with styling of Grace Coddington.

For the second time, Lady Gaga It appears on the cover of the magazine Vogue American to introduce its tour Born This Way Ball, a tour that is a real spectacle and her new perfume, which be called Fame, and it is a liquid that black appears on the container and spray spray, becomes clear. Do you think of the cover? You like more than that starred by? Sienna Miller and photographed by Mario Testino which served as backdrop for the documentary in which we met was how anna Wintour?

August 14 goes on sale the United States magazine. The best souvenir you can bring American land.