The Last of The Magazines? ‘Borrow’ an Image of a Campaign, Which Os It Seems?

Kidding I was to see what has done a fashion (with name) on their cover of September Issue magazine for This 2012. We speak of Elle Germany, that for the largest number of year has ‘ borrowed ’ an image of the model Sasha Pivovarova starring in a campaign of …!Tiffany & Co.! Where is the originality? The crisis affects so much? Or is that it? an agreement is between signature and magazine?

So yes, we are accustomed to seeing the refried to make headers from time to time moving images from one country to another, but it’s take advantage of other firms campaigns I would have never said it. And it is not that it seems to me or bad soon, I simply think that for such a large number as this, they could have it worked a little more, do not you think?

Obviously there must be an agreement between the two sides, but what do you think of this idea?