The Look Right: Blazer, of Course with Shirt Henley Contrasting

I’m a big enthusiast of the shirts type henley, I think that the piece has that something extra that makes a look cool and bold at the same time, unfortunately the shirt is not of the most easy to find here in Brazil, but nothing that prevents the patient from maintaining 3 or 4 of these in the wardrobe. Another point in favour of henley is its versatility, accompanying a bermuda or even a tights social, it all depends on your style and creativity.

The Look Right Blazer, of Course with Shirt Henley Contrasting

Why does it work?

The whole look conversation very well, first by the massive use of neutral colours, cold and sober, then by the combination of items with good fit, the pants skinny in the right measure up to the blazer of wool in the cold grey light, ideal for a stroll in the daytime, the shirt henley in a shade of blue opaque and darker than the rest creates an interesting contrast, as well as the friendly handkerchief in the pocket. The footwear is also casual, but this is a derby wingtip, which guarantees an upgrade in the combination to be far above any shoes when it comes to style and elegance.

Try this…

complement the set with some accessories, as the clothes are in perfect harmony. I would venture a hat in a shade similar to the shirt or even a scarf (a scarf lighter) in the same vibe.

It would not be the same thing if…

option was to transport them for a polo or a shirt traditional, the choice of henley was much more interesting in the end.

In short:

  • Shirts henley can be difficult to find, but the search can be worth it;
  • A good coupling between the parts is what guarantees the success of the combination;
  • Cool colors and sober does not give much margin for error;
  • Even on items that are casual, stay tuned in the trim;
  • A footwear classudo adds elegance to the look, think about it before you pick up that tennis always;
  • In a combo round the additions are for the account of accessories such as a hat or a scarf light;
  • The henley calls attention in a discreet manner not to be as common as the shirt or polo.

Additional tips:

For chubby – if the blazer of course add a lot of volume up the top, try a more dark.

For kids – use the blazer (preferably cropped) closed can help lessen the feeling of breaking the silhouette present in the height of the hip.

For altões – use the shirt inside the pants and with a belt if highlighting can be a good way of slicing up the silhouette and not look so high.