“The Perfect Model” Candidate Now Advertises Sex Toys

OK, get caught! We’ve looked at the new promotional clip of the erotic sender Amorelie. And in addition to sex toys and hot wax games discovered a familiar face.

Probably hardly anyone remembers the casting show “The perfect model” (2012). The “Vox” show was cancelled already with the two model mums Eva Padberg and Karolina Kurková after a season, with “Germany’s next top model” will not compete.

One of the candidates at that time: Jenny Jessen. The time Sweet 16-year-old finished in third place in the final and noticed due to their shy nature. But of which nothing remains today. Jenny has a sly old dog’s behind-the-ears.

Oh, La, La
In the new Amorelie commercial #undwasfühlstdu Cuddles Jenny topless with her Benne, both chat quite bluntly the Sextoyskästchen and the pros and cons of the latest sex toys.

Jenny about hot wax games: “it just hurts, but it’s a good pain”. Jenny on “the egg”, used by Ben: “Wow he had mega fun.” Jenny about sex toys: “This shame can be, if you tried that with each other.” So so. Apparently this model Chick of yesteryear has blossomed quite. Because the native Flensburgerin noticed in the show “The perfect model” due to their shyness.

Privately a few
2012, she revealed in an interview with the magazine “Glamour”: “I am not so reluctant. Especially not at the shootings. I here to show what I can.” And that she does in her latest advertising clip actually. The conclusion of the sympathetic couple convinced then also thanks to crackling Chemistry: “We wanted to continue directly”, says Cathy.

No wonder is that Jenny and Benne so natural in front of the camera to act: the two are for three months a couple in real life. On the Web site of Amorelie is to read: “Jenny and Cathy are courting and had little experience with sex toys up to our rotation. “Our box with many different toys has the two not only helped to learn more about our toys, but also itself”.