The World Blogger Appears in The Simpsons: Chiara Ferragni Rubs Shoulders with The Yellow People. Multiply I by 0!

Already some time ago that we saw Chiara Ferragni look yellow fever caused by the most famous of television: The Simpsons. Now we know the reason for this, and it is that the most famous blonde salad the world’s fashion does things that Yes. There is always something hidden, and on this occasion was to play a role in the town of Springfield. Yes, I have not gone mad, Matt Groening has drawn to the blogger to make a role in the series. How is this cameo?

Bag Celine, Earrings Delfina Delettrez, Chiara Ferragni and the famous slippers the triangle tattoo on the wrist (as well as the eye on the finger). And blue eyes? Go, little mistake from Matt. I have not clear is if the creator of cartoons more mythical why has characterized it yes or because will be shown in the series (something already, wouldn’t surprise me from it).

Once again I turn to repeat: impressed with what It has come to this girl and what he has achieved throughout his professional career. Once again ended with the same question,?What will be the next thing?

Chiara Ferragni on Jezebel

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