They Also Are Targeting The Fashion of The Mustache

There are many famous, mostly Hollywood actors who have signed up for the fashion leave mustache, either by personal taste or requirements of the script. The case is that the moustaches rarely can favour a face, something that I fully share with my partner III, faithful wich of this youthful little look.

And is that the faces with mustache we they give more years that we have both young and older warlords. The superior image of Jude Law gives evidence of this and the English actor appears some spring more with it, by very going to go dress.

If you want to wear it which is in short version, without exceeding the corners of the lips and trying to cut it every two or three days, bringing the rest of the perfectly shaved face, of it otherwise you will fall in the tramp look and that friend mine, is for almost all of the girls, all less sexy.

There are some men, who favors slightly, as George Clooney or Brad Pitt, examples of handsome men that anything should be them well. In this case there is no much review the photo to be aware that they must also pass immediately by the Barber.

Far that this look can become a fashion, which I really doubt, there will always be faces and celebrities that were part of his personality of this element and that are remembered as well, with its knob, or its mustache, scruffy or impeccable but was part of them.

One of them is the great Mark Spitz, to which Michael Pheps not only wanted to emulate, winning all those gold medals, if not also trying to leave alsor itsch legendary moustache, although in xl version, as a knob.

And who does not remember some whiskery footballers, in the world of 90 Italy, as the German Rudi Völler and the Dutch Frank Rijkaard, authentic symbols of style in those moments.

I am that continues to believe that beyond fashions, the mustache, knob, or long hair is something very personal that should decide one’s own, without making any case to which they will say or what will seem to them. That Yes, I will continue using my razor blade where grow the beard. Maybe in ten or twenty years change of look, but at the moment I stay as I am.