This Time Yes: Kimonos Come with Force This Summer 2014. Eventually Succeed?

The other day had time and I went into several stores way to a meeting. Believe me: this practice It is not usual in me, maybe step as long at the computer day visiting these places in a virtual way. And when I physically go to these places where I begin to appreciate the trends of the moment. Would that most caught my attention this time? The return (continued) kimonos. But this time found it in many of the brands that I visited with many varieties.

This summer is finally installed? Each I see year and I like, but there has always been an I do not know what the final decision which ended by truncating the purchase. But this year I see them more, people shines them divinely and one Gets the itch to try.

  • Oversize type of Mango, 69.99 EUR.
  • With flowers and fringes of Minkpink, 98,39 euros.
  • A rhombuses of Bershka, 24.99 EUR.
  • Bottom pink stick and fringes of Zara, 29,95 EUR.

Photos | Instagram @ngoldenberg

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