Tiny Label With Yarnmade, Pom Berlin & Jimmi Wow

By my aunt, I’ve also got my first sewing machine with about seven years and so I together made fairly early, not necessarily terribly well, but with a lot of passion, my dolls and animals wild Collections. There was hardly anything else, that has made me more fun than my first DiY project. I did so, at least as far as the Puppenmutter life, the perfect girl cliche correspond daily up and rearranged the wardrobes of Fritza and Berta, Anna, Laura – and equipped with new dresses.

I sort today throughout the year the clothes of my three wild things from one to the next Cabinet, because felt all three grow every week from all out and need constantly new. But that goes with the “further inheriting from” also limited on: the winter child is now already, not even two years old, almost as big as the next older brother – and which in turn is also still slightly wider than the all elders who sometimes back cannot access his middle brother with his 6 years on the pants, because this not slip him across the Po. Hats, scarves, and socks are fraternally shared. 

I’m so a truffle pig when it comes to things for those guys in the second hand shop or finding in the sale. All the mothers of boys you know that you should have a good nose, when you want to just plain beautiful things except Strip, Bob of the Builder, or other creepy things for his guys.

I like: simple, classic clothes without much fanfare, with or without patterns and warm colours. Unfortunately no big success story happened to me and the sewing machine and only the way to track things and buy leaving me.

And he, the first part of my favorite labels, for which I will always find it here:

Yarnmade is a small, fine online label that itself has her mind on simple yet functional children’s clothing. Each season on the new a price affordable, high-quality and timeless children’s collection is designed here in Berlin. With clear cuts and without much knick knacks, but this in no way boring. And that Yarnmade heard for many years one of my favorite kids label.

This way to the online shop please.

first discovered four years and one must not write much about this fine label for the sweaters and trousers speak for themselves: the „ circus sweaters “, as they are called here, last forever and the idea is simple, but so so good. The colorful triangles and lozenges, as Garland or just wildly mixed distributed on pants, sweater or gym bags, make pretty good mood especially in the winter months. Since last week, can be found next to the colorful stuff, the matching wall stickers in your own online shop

Na then it should be outdoor chill gray. We put us now a colourful autumn in the room.

to me but also to the sewing, but unfortunately so rare, that exactly this small label my heart higher bounce can be at this point. The idea is not new, but soso good. And this small shop is a good impetus to sew something for the small out of all our old, too small washed, or simply no longer fallen great clothes and thus sustainable.

“Screened and unwanted items of clothing, as well as textile remnants, processed to unique kids stuff. The children’s clothing created in this way is due to previous washes of the textiles used usually polluting agents as newly produced article and therefore very suitable for babies and toddlers. All items are lovingly hand in Berlin made.”

who has the closet full of clothes, can send them also to Jimmi Wow and then gets his own small collection. We find very good thing and beautiful things,.

Click here for the online shop.

Maybe I should yet again get the sewing machine at the weekend to the chatter. A small free minute should be somewhere to find between clinic and children.