TJ Advent Calendar #4 / / 2 X 1 Pack by Haenska

If it goes on trips, to the Zoo or to the Kita, then want to enforce the little ones eventually not only her own head, but wear also the backpack itself. Just what could be the very first? Practically he must be comfortable and absolutely suitable for rainy weather. We listened to us with our favorite parents and all agreed they: Nora Haenska is the children’s rucksacks Whisperer par excellence (and MOM and Dad can go even in the Partnerlook).

The product designer the sewing machine was placed almost in the cradle – because Nora’s mother was a fashion designer, the England again to Berlin returned from collected the most beautiful inspiration for what you today for your own company early „ Haenska “ conjures up. Special: All products are handmade in Berlin and are recyclable, the waterproof and fade resistant acrylic fabric is manufactured in France and approved by Oeko Tex standard, aesthetics is very important and practical aspects are implemented with much attention to detail in quality, we were able to convince themselves us. Who is still looking for a Christmas gift, look best in the online shop and on Facebook, or trying his luck here. The competition is open! We are giving away 2 × 1 backpack worth 165 euros each. How you can make with?

Profit rules:

(if possible), you’re fan of Tiny Jane on Facebook or on Instagram.

Tell us here under the articles in commenting (comments on Facebook don’t count unfortunately), why you may win one of the Hänska backpacks.

Tomorrow at 9: 00 is drawn. We keep all fingers crossed for friends < 3
the winner will be notified by email.

* the profit may be not paid.

You know?

Classic CATAMARAN Backpack was the first product of Hänksa
and today is among the favourite products of all customers around the globe
– the design is inspired by an envelope
– the backpack can be close in two different ways and therefore form
– and exist in three different sizes – S for the smallest, L for all with a lot of luggage and large laptops

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