Trends Spring-Summer 2014: Normcore and If Dressing Normal Fashion?

In fashion then we invented rare palabrejos to define the latest fashion trend. Why call Garnet or Mint green color if we can call it burgundy or mint? And the last quadrature of the circle is that dress “normal” is fashionable, and that he has been called normcore. So forget dress “blogger” with all fashion trends one on top of another in your looks. Dress up normal.

There are some signs that point towards the normcore: the return of the eternal white shirt and with it, the commitment to the shirt dress, the revaluation of the costume, love the jeans and denim fabric, which never goes out of fashion, the winning combination of the black and white, and the total look minimal white, appearing in catwalk and lookbooks of signatures as Zara or Mango.


The firm DKNY bet by simple looks in black and white with a sporty touch. The channels that such practices are when it comes to dressing embrace this new fashion dress up normal wanting.

Jil Sander

The single little black dress can be one of the values of the nomrcore, which in summer is replaced occasionally with short, white dress. Jil Sander bet on them with minimal cuts.

Max Mara

Muted colors and cutting & sewing very simple, almost austere, the Italian firm Max Mara. Vivid colors continues triumphing, but if you want something more normal, you can find it.

Michael Kors

The good news of the normcore It is the value that acquire eternal garments that do not go out of fashion as the trench coat, baggy pants, shirts, etc. Looks for work and beyond the of Michael Kors.

Paul Smith

The male costume in black and white to dress the women stands out in the parade of Paul Smith, the only license a bit of cleavage.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren It presents simple clothes in black and white with a touch 60 years. Normal and simple. Items that we could find in any large store.

Stella McCartney

The British designer also returns to the simplicity of the costume with total looks in one color.

Trends in Jezebel

Normcore: being when normal is the new black * rainy days, spring trenchs * are designers opting for style bag beyond their means?