Two Hours after His Presentation, Gap Opens Instagram Direct as a Powerful Means of Marketing

I am passionate about fashion and the latest technologies. It is be aware of the latest as we talk about fashion, social networks or technology. Fashion and the geek world live a more intense love affair. So according to the last possibility of Instagram, opens the Instagram Direct, just two hours later, the American company Gap It is used for a campaign. New social networks allow thousand possibilities in marketing, Now let’s talk about Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram. Even there are firms which to position themselves well in networks are sending a large message of modernity to his fans.

Gap invited a challenge: 15 early commentators were to send a photo with the tag #WIWT (what I wear today) by putting a picture of your look to win a case for the tablet of the firm. A coup, because being the first fashion company to use the application, has received much notoriety in the media.

Instagram Direct allows you to send pictures and videos from 15 seconds up to 15 friends (can only be sent direct messages to people who you follow). Soon other social networks have followed their movements)Twitter He has also added the ability to send photos by DM).