Vogues Duel (And Outfits): Turkey or Japan? Kurkova or Balti? That Is The Question…

There are Duel of covers that are difficult to vote, but today is the most difficult thing I’ve ever seen. And for several reasons. The first is that they are both covers of Vogue: Turkey and Japan (always show US images that deserve to be mentioned); the second reason is that each has used the same outfit: a monkey in Dolce & Gabbana rhinestone; and the third is that Karolina Kurkova appears in one and in the other Bianca Balti. Coincidence? ¿Lack of originality? Strategy to give that talk? Oh, oh, oh! Today is a full-fledged debate.

Blonde or brown? I do not know by what opt! While the issue in front of Anna Dello Russo has become to trust in Giampaolo Sgura for the production of its publisher, the Turkish version has chosen the photographer Alexei there is. The most outstanding feature of both is the use of different colors: I must admit that he strikes most of Japan.

But as for tastes the colors …? By which side of the scale do you go?