We Are Giving Away With “Liebeskind Berlin” 2 × 2 Tickets And A Date With Joy Denalane In Berlin!

Who of you girls had a dream in 1999 while listening to the circle of friends favorite song “with you” it, even to be, to sing in a Duet with Max Herre and flirting anywhere in Greece to put joy Denalane? Hand on heart, we were to do so. Henceforth our love joy was so absolute role model and we would have exchanged love coolness, corkscrew curls and that inimitable voice with you.

Now the power woman is back on the stage, this time without Max, but with a new album in baggage: “Maureen” is her third work, and at the latest since our interview with the lady she has inflamed again our hearts. Now it has finally come, and Germany’s most beautiful soul voice finally goes on tour. The Golden tonsils will be supported by the accessory label Liebeskind Berlin – and by the beginning of this creative friendship you have now of course also something:

With a bit of luck, your joy Denalane can see already very soon live on stage and for any of you plus accompaniment) is ’ s even down to the personal meet ’ n greet during the sound check of the young lady. How you can win?

You could clear on November 6 from 17: 00 you just a bit of time and you’re on the road in Berlin? Then once all conditions are – now still fix fan of Jane Wayne Facebook duplication tell us which song of joy you with humming most.

Is to win’s 2 × 2 tickets for the concert in the Astra ab 20 h and 1 × 2 meet greet cards (with joy from 17: 00 at the sound check before the concert).

Game is tomorrow at 5: 00 – drawn is Lamayan Berlin himself!
Circle – with you, feat. Joy Denalane by fourmusic

Joy Denalane – never again, never again feat … By fourmusic