We Are Prepared for Jeans That Feel Really Evil?

I already spoke of the gaucho pants with the next new thing in fashion long ago. Based on the fact that there are 50 new next thing in fashion each season, it’s not much, but this type of pants are beginning to emerge as a favorite among the bloggers who are trendsetters (and then other bloggers engage in copying, as we know). The man repeller, Camille over the rainbow or Hedvig are some of them that have succumbed to them.

The major problem with these pants is to feel fatal to 98% of the time. You have to be very tall and very thin for pass the test of these pants that flatten figure, they add bulk to our silhouette and take us defects which we don’t have. So is the fashion, that trend jeans that feel darn evil.

Even though we do not like, already appear timidly on websites such as of Zara, using material flax, very fluid and light for summer, with a price of 29.95 euros. White, for a price of 39.95 euros. And also in white with high waist, by 49,95 EUR.

Are we prepared to wear trousers that sit wrong?

Photos | H & M, Camille over the rainbow

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