We Now Carry This Fashion No-Goes

Pretty much every trend experienced his comeback at some point. Even those who were exiled to the fashion-blacklist (fortunately) at some point. Are you even ready for cycling pants, Crocs or belly bags?

There are certain things that never would – not, stylish women wear at least as long as until they are again presentable made by fashion designers. So no one would have thought probably the skintight Tube top or the pink Nikki jogging again to dig out. But both are currently trend again.

Also the current fashion week offers exciting “flops”, who will next summer again be top. Do at your own risk!

1. cycling shorts

Okay, this once-scorned trend was somehow to refrain. Already last year, leggings celebrated an unexpected fashion comeback. Now we slip next summer in cycling shorts, such as MSGM thanks to Kim Kardashian (which is like squeezing in the tight trousers). To make the look not to the fashion disaster, wearing cycling shorts under power clothes or under a short skirt – unwanted panties speed cameras be prevented!

2. oblique listed by Kepis

A baseball cap itself is still not a no-go. Also It girls like Gigi Hadid wear them. Faux pas is rather, as it is worn: turned to the side as you last saw it with wannabes rappers. But Chanel gives a cool attitude the caps worn at an angle, by designer Karl Lagerfeld now combines them into the break in style to elegant Bouclé costumes

3. flesh-colored tights

Nudef looks are already a tricky business, but stops at flesh-coloured stockings the imagination then… But sending you the new favorite designer of all it girls, Demna Gvasalia, such creations on the Balenciaga-Laufsteg, such no-goes at once become a bestseller. Who committed to the pork sausage, should wear the pantyhose in the light version: a knee-length skirt and knee-high boots

4. plastic bag

Yet a UN trend in Balenciaga: Instead of expensive Weekender, fashionistas will start next summer with cheap “laundry bags” in the holiday. Practical: The plastic bags there in any China-shop and cost no more than five euros – money for the leather travel bag stays that way…

5. Fanny Pack

Still a comeback bag trend, on which the world has not waited comes from Stella McCartney: Hipbags are hip again. Can be made, as long as the Fanny Pack from plastic or any other cheap material is made – otherwise it looks really like beer miles-tourist

6 comic shirt

Growing up can be at some point, at least when it comes to Stella McCartney . Who wants to be at fashion – kids birthday doing so, simply attracts his Brian comic shirt from his youth. So it doesn’t look like a professional young people, the T-Shirt with a Marlene pants or a pencil skirt should be worn

7 unequal pair of shoes

The fashion no-goes for the shoes are really interesting. Céline showed a collection with different colored shoes. For this trend to be portable, the rest outfit remains subdued colour and classic. And it is important that the shoes have the same shape and are made of the same material – otherwise one considers likely, sorry you, Tappy

8 Crocs

In the course of the Uggly shoe revival, it was unfortunately somehow refrain from trekking sandals, Birkenstocks and Adilettes, the ugliest shoes in the world are now fashionable ennobled: fashionistas now carry Crocs. After all, presented Plastikschuh fan Christopher Kane , the aufgepimpte high fashion version in marble look and with precious stones applications. How they are worn? With very much confidence!

9 logo panties

The year 2016 was fashionable in two directions: sex core (thanks to the Kardashians, we show more skin than fabric, see Underboobs) and Athleisure. Why not both so mega-trends are linked, thought Christian Dior new Chief Maria Grazia Chiuri. So she presented extremely delicate, transparent evening gowns, wore to the models Boxer shorts with a logo, wide rubber band