Wear Long Skirts: 20 Looks That Inspire Us

We grant you: at first glance, the long skirt, it’s not very “sexoche”. Ourselves, there was a time, you would not bet a penny on it. Yet, we’ll take the bet that after looking through this slide, your opinion will be changed. Because to tell the truth, the long skirt, just know wear to adopt it.

How to choose a long skirt?

As almost all mode of your wardrobe pieces, long skirt made passing time and expenses, with him, fashion trends that are constantly changing. Result? There are many models. And you’re a little confused. What is normal.

First of all, be well in his body and in his clothes for woman, to choose a skirt based on its morphology and its comfort. You prefer you mold it into a long and straight skirt or lose yourself in a skirt long XXL version? What model highlights you? And especially, what do you want? It is one of the first questions to ask.

Then, up to the length. Those who know how to walk in heels may opt for long skirts to the maxi lengths. Those who want to hide their calves without taking the feet in sheers of the “sarong”, they will go on an ankle length. And others who dream of originality will test the hybrid length of skirt noon, cousin of the long skirt and short skirt.

Wear the long skirt, is finding his style

The long skirt fits. It’s a mini gift. Just make good associations and good choose model to wear without fashion missteps.

Split long skirt or long skirt pleated, two models for both styles. You can make your choice to adopt a new piece in your batch ofessential dressing .

If you want a rock style, simply wear the long skirt with a maxi sweater and a pair of military boots. Style chic, choose a long skirt with lace combined with a nice pair of comfortable shoes. And then, more classic but very effective, the white t-shirt will always be the case with a long skirt.

Where to buy a skirt?

Now that you have the advice to wear long skirts without fear, you need places to go shopping to find the template.

Be aware that, for a few summers, long skirt has become a must. So, it is really easy. Zara, Asos, Mango, H & M or C & A, you find cheap long skirts in many shops.

PSSST, also try a ride in of good addresses of thrift stores. It is possible that you fall on the gem.



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