Wear The Robe: 20 Looks That Inspire Us

Among the top trends dresses, robe holds a special place. It is part of the strong parts that are necessary for a few seasons already. To get back to the fashion question page, has prepared you 20 inspiring looks to understand how to wear the robe.

The robe is a essential to the dressing room. In recent seasons, it appears more and more on parades, the collections of our favorite brands and the street styles.

Between good basic and big fashion, we adopt the robe without hesitation!

And even if the robe comes in many models, it’s better to get it right.

For the choose good, we draws on some stylish looks spotted directly on the street.

Wear the robe: how to choose?

The robe has a big potential mode. In addition to being very comfortable and often easy to wear, the long dress is super stylish.

Side form, the long dress is chosen according to its morphology. In fact, she goes to almost everyone!

If small are sometimes a little more difficult to wear, some models may very well go them.

First choose the length you want to adopt: 7/8 Cup noon, ankle length or down, your choice.

For a look totally trend and slightly sexy, crack for a split long dress. She will show just what it takes leg (ultra-fendue dress Bella Hadid, tolerated to the Cannes Film Festival).

To the top of your dress, you can choose between a form tank top, t-shirt, wallet, shirt, etc. To you according to your tastes or desires to crack.

Question colors and printed, anything goes! Patterns are fun on long dresses: stripes, flowers, arabesques, embroideries, geometric designs, inscriptions, etc. You can also choose a model dress United and accessorize it.

Some models, very wide and wispy, directly gives a gipsy appearance to the outfit. Conversely, a form more fitting will increase one side sensual or more working-girl.

For materials, the robe is as much in light fabrics and comfortable suede or denim. Ideal for cowboy style!

How to wear the robe?

Good news, the long dress is day and night and for all occasions. Just know wear it and adapt it to your look.

For example, if you wear a long white lace dress, better to accessorize it to avoid the effect “this is my wedding day.” A pair of sneakers trends, a colored belt and a good jacket and the turn is played.

To follow the trend of the spring summer 2016, you can wear a white t-shirt under a long dress with spaghetti straps. ‘Re guaranteed you a look very fashion.

With a long dress, you can wear what you want. Choose jackets short and not too bulky to mark your size and enhance your bust. Jean jacket, perfecto, bomber, teddy, short blazer… Everything will be with your favorite dress!

For shoes, it’s the same! Still, if you wear sneakers or flat Sandals, check that you do not walk on your dress.

If you choose a pair of stilettos, heels or boots, your outfit will now take a look more chic (and we totally valid)!

In all cases, the robe will sublimate you. To adopt it without stress, inspire 20 looks of our selection!