Weekday Vintage Market – Between Chaos, Greed And Panic

It could have been a more relaxed day – full sunshine and little bargains, full of good humor and a nice Sunday among friends. Weekday invited to the “weekday vintage market. Great vintage Great prices”, suitable for shopping Sunday in Berlin, there should be so selected vintage delicacies for us – not more expensive than eight euro and garnished with snacks, soft drinks and pleasant music. Yup, we could pull us from just such a nice invitation in the spell and made the pilgrimage to – to the huge cluster of people before the sealed glass box on the Friedrichstrasse, by children and adults are squeezed, greedy after all not rivet and Nagelfestem grabschten, tiffins on garments and inventory around or even above were tramples and japsten for air. The onlookers at the door and drum around, shaking his head, laughing, hämmisch and many an also envious – the prisoners between panic, quips and greed.

Invitation to the “flea market” go gone backwards. Already around quarter to two, about 45 minutes after the opening, it was all over. Ambulances stood ready, the police ended the chaos and the shock of many customers who came out of the store was them visibly in the face. Poor organization on the part of weekday, disgusting greed, panic and ruckus lust – today we can show good again with the finger on the culprit, but perhaps we should tap us once again on the shoulder. That the weekday staff had underestimated the event, which came up with approximately 2400 members in the corresponding FB group, is not to have the hand of – no security personnel and uncontrolled intake to the opening – a dilemma.  Raffigierige behavior of many small and large customers was really disgusting, however,: it was after all bobbing without losses. Younger customers things out of hand blown and in particular was stolen and destroyed. The continuous alarm signal to the shop door was practically only the i Tüpelchen of this catastrophic event.

1 to 8 euro bargain seem to switch off brains and to become us animals. We are glad that we came too late, although we had set ourselves not in a kilometer-long line (the first customers were already two hours before the opening at the door, inside to determine that there were only three, four poles, waiting with reduced items – the rest could namely be got at the normal price – and was eventually stolen).

We hope you were not there, but had a relaxing Sunday. All innocent affected we wish you get well soon, all thieves and wanton destroyers more self-reflection. We of course also hope that weekday prosecutes quickly recovered, neat from the yesterday’s mistakes and not too much damage must include.

An official apology has of course existed for several hours and in weekday admits all the blame: dear weekday visitors.
What happened in Berlin/Friedrichstraße today, sorry really.
Of course, we were expecting many customers because of the fantastic feedback on our recent vintage flea Martket and commitments on Facebook…. To our regret, but we have never considered a situation as she has today shown. We completely underestimated the risks arising today.
We bring everything that happened today, secure and organized to hold future events.
Fortunately no injuries have been reported to our store.
Once again we apologize formally – all the best from weekday.  Consequence out of all this misery? Weekday will certainly learn. I could well imagine that they even so much as learn and stomp such events no longer out of the ground. As a reminder: the first vintage market was a great success and a civilized, friendly event.

Finding Berlin has put together even more photos and a short video for you.

Were you on the spot and have a different view of things?