Works The Green Aquamarine on The Red Carpet? Yes, Above All in Spring

The Verde-aguamarina It is one of my favorite colors, and also one of the colors that I think that they work best on red carpets. We are accustomed to seeing plenty of metal, black and red dresses which makes even if a dress is spectacular it very difficult that surprised at the time of arrival at the photocall. Colors there are cakes that are more complex than others when it comes to a long dress, as for example the Pink cake that can fall into something too child but the Verde-aguamarina has a special character that makes it look perfectly.

There are many actresses who dare with this color to pose for galas and parties with the arrival of spring, seems to have come good time to bet on this color so much light brings to any look and that both highlights among the other. Maria Leon It looked spectacular at the Independent Spirit Awards with this dress from Seville Roberto Diz, a flat color that particularly like to me.

Perhaps we don’t see it much during the year by the obsession of many celebrities have a tanned skin to choose some specific colors, so they resort to more obvious colors. It is clear that this Green feels phenomenal actresses black as Lupita Nyong’o ‘ or but you can also get very good outfits with a fair complexion and a few Add-ons that provide that color missing perhaps, for example choosing earrings which much favor in the eyes or to the color of the lipstick elected.

Although the Verde-aguamarina combine great with colors such as coral or Orchid, you can also choose more autumn colors like Navy Blue or Garnet thus adapting our dress of this color to the time of year that we choose. It is one of the stakes of this spring, a beautiful color that we’ll see a multitude of actresses and singers in the most important red carpets all the world how you this trend?