Yikes, the Aerobics String Is Back

Warning, this is retro – and damn hot! A sparse Tezukuri from the 1980s is revived for the late summer: bikinis and swimsuits have now which is an extremely high leg. Models and stars like the Kardashians are the ‘high cut’ already.

A deep décolleté is already old hat. A new snippet, the extreme at the moment asked, is located one level deeper! The “aerobic-string” or also “high-cut” called itself now from the 1980s reports back! Thus bodysuits, swimsuits and bikini panties, which have an extremely high leg – and look back (almost) like a Thong underwear are mean.

Late summer trend ‘High Cut’
Singer Rihanna (28) still makes it, and provides “high insight” on Instagram. It is already not the only one! Also on the international beaches feels reminds inevitably at a certain cult series, more specifically: on the iconic “Baywatch”-Badeanzüge with high leg. Kylie Jenner (19) wore a similar model in the last vacation now.

Hufthoschen are out
Bikini panties that sit low on the hip? We have taken now for many years and are unfortunately currently sooo yesterday. Who now in the sale swimwear part would like to get hold of, “Aerobics string” should be on the model (Declaration.: they were worn to the aerobics session earlier bodysuits with high leg cut-out) set. Numerous swimwear and sportswear companies now have the retro looks in the range.

3 reasons to buy immediately so a part:

You thus come out as real Fashionista
No, the beaches seen hardly the look of this summer, this trend is so new. Only more and more celebrity ladies were in the past few weeks in mega high-cut panties. Real connoisseurs of fashion but now already copy the look of stars such as Kendall Jenner (20) and friend Hailey Baldwin (19) or Bella Hadid (19).

ER flatters the figure!
The “Aerobic String” is a sexy-body miracle machine: he is highly tailored exactly to the right place, what makes appear endlessly long our legs and torso narrow. He is the perfect panties, because it visually something bigger can cheat himself ismainly for small women. That one is also in more southerly regions maximum Brown is, is a further positive side-effect.

It’s ultimately sexy!
During string-Tangas offer is “only” the buttocks, sexiness, still a fun forking “Aerobics of strings” – without that but something out would flop, that the public should remain absolutely hidden. A maximum full of charm, so to speak. Small hint: Before first running of this hot briefs on the de-Hairing think. Here you can find tips for the DIY intimate waxing!