Gifts for Fashionistas and Fashionistas

Until Christmas it is not more long, and thus also the time of gifts begins buying again. Fashionistas and fashionistas you can surprise with a gift that is focused on the personal area of expertise. For fashion-conscious women who want to miss no trend, there’s nothing greater than fashion. And everyone, why so not both connect like gifts?

A Day in Malmö: Coffee, Trés Bien Shop and Shoe Shops

Malmö , in Sweden, is located half an hour train ride from Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. It is the third most populated city in Sweden, which is not a lot, since they are less than 300 thousand inhabitants. The centre is busy, but the city is very quiet compared with Stockholm and Copenhagen, a neighbor of which • Read More »

The Proof That It Is Possible to Dress Well While Spending Little

Last week I posted here in the Channel, the Male, within our session “Look Right”, a photo (above) that featured the combination of a blazer wool gray, a blouse of knit black hooded t-shirt and also black with a skull and stylized. Accompanying it was a black jeans, faded and worn. When you preach this kind of • Read More »

Suggestions for Carnival Costumes for Women: Fun in Various Styles

We have many and good suggestions for Carnival costumes for women. It is the ideal time to leave to come up the side more irreverent. It is, without a doubt, the most carnival-goers and excited of the year where you can forget the problems, the formalisms, the rules and simply let yourself be carried away by • Read More »

How to Use Especially without Frills!

You are the type that does not use a certain piece of clothing because they think that they should be used in combinations that are super prepared? It is best to rethink your concepts, you are probably wrong! It is true that there are some rules in menswear that are difficult to break and dress codes that • Read More »

The Look Right: Blazer, of Course with Shirt Henley Contrasting

I’m a big enthusiast of the shirts type henley, I think that the piece has that something extra that makes a look cool and bold at the same time, unfortunately the shirt is not of the most easy to find here in Brazil, but nothing that prevents the patient from maintaining 3 or 4 of these • Read More »

What Is the Coat Hanger Is Ideal for Your Suit

We have already talked about here on the Channel Male about what are the parts that you need to have in your wardrobe, as descongestioná it and even how to better take advantage of the items that you already have, but we never talk about how to accommodate their clothes in the proper manner, avoiding deformations and creases. Probably the item • Read More »

Take Advantage of the Summer Sale to Renew the Wardrobe

With the settlement of January we have a good time to buy men’s clothing in the summer, the brands and stores offer discounts that can reach 70% and the online stores are not left out. We have selected some items with good discounts and are worth having in your wardrobe, just click and buy, see below: Oakley sunglasses • Read More »

Types of Chess: The Argyle

The plaid argyle is more commonly found in jackets, sweaters (as in the photo above) and socks, but there is no rule that prevents you from appearing in scarves, sweatshirts, ties, caps and even tennis. The best way to describe it would be saying that it consists of blocks in the shape of a diamond (or diamonds) on • Read More »

The Look Right: Option of Clothes to Work in Summer

If your company does not require the costume social, or at least you have Friday casual, when you can leave your suit aside and wear something less serious, the combination of the summer with pants, shirt and running shoes may seem simple, but will leave it with an air of respectable, even though relaxed, just use the • Read More »

The Look Right: about Sweatshirt

We talked in a recent article on combinations using sweaters sweatshirt, in this example of the week we go a little beyond, showing that it is possible to combine the two pieces of the same fabric in the same look and still create something elegant! Why does it work? Working with neutral colors and pieces • Read More »

How to Stop Being Fashion Designer and Becoming Fashion Entrepreneur

The inspiration for this article I get recalling a designer that I saw in an event long, shy and unsociable seemed to startled, it is very difficult to associate an image with a successful entrepreneur as well, either of the rotation that is. For this and much more I’ve seen in the short time I’ve • Read More »

Steps for Impeccable Ironing on Your Shirts

Surely you’ve always wondered how to get your shirts look flawless after ironing them. In Mensencia we want to explain with simple tricks and the steps to follow, so that your iron does not leave a single wrinkle throughout your shirts.

How to Identify Fake and Original Watches!

There is a huge amount of counterfeit watches on the market and a lot of people think that they are taking excellent branded items home, when in fact they are being deceived by scammers and organizations that ban this illegal trade. It is increasingly difficult to identify copies of famous watchmaking models because counterfeiters are more • Read More »

How to Wear a Cap on Women’s Looks

Wearing a cap gives women lots of style. But as it is still widely seen as a male part, some girls do not know how to adhere to the accessory. The cap not only protects from the sun as it is great to give that one disguised in the days of bad hair. So if you want • Read More »

Nail Rings – Know This New Trend

After the trends of the most varied styles of enamels with colors and shapes of varied finishes, those who love trends when it comes to hands and nails should be aware of the newest new arrival in Brazil: Nail Rings: nail ring), which is nothing more than a ring used on the nails, on the • Read More »

Jeans Embroidered: The Piece that Leaves Any Look More Modern

Jeans are in everyone’s wardrobe and it’s a piece that goes well with any other, from a basic white T-shirt to a tailor’s item. On the feet, any combination is also valid, even with the slide slipper , which won our hearts last summer and promises to be hit next summer as well. The embroidery, as well as • Read More »

Mermaid dress: how to wear this model full of charm and sensuality

How not to fall in love with a mermaid dress? The model that stopped being exclusive to the nocts and famous on the red carpet came not only to meet diverse proposals, but also to value women’s curves even more, regardless of height and body type. Image and style consultant Helena Villar explains that the main feature of • Read More »

The Invasion of The Wrap Skirts

Increasingly we see more skirt styles in stores, are classic miniskirts, the midi, the long up to the feet… but which are more striking are now the wrap sarong skirts or skirts that are gradually taking over from the catwalks and the street style.

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: Mix of Floral Prints

Summer after summer floral prints they are part of our wardrobe. The floral print is perfect for the spring and summer time. Designers almost never dismiss add this pattern in their collections. On the runway have seen looks with mix of prints Alternatively, more discreet designs with floral print.