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Social conditions

Gabon is a relatively rich country after African conditions, but is characterized by unevenly distributed wealth. Visit AbbreviationFinder to see the definitions of GAB and acronym for Gabon. Despite this, around one fifth of the population lives in poverty (under US $ 2 per day). In rural areas, less than half have access to clean water.

Society of Gabon

In 2009, the health care sector accounted for 8 percent of government spending in Gabon. Access to care is still poor; there are 13 hospital beds (2008) and three doctors (2003) per 10,000 residents. In contrast, there are qualified staff available at about 90 percent of deliveries. About 5 percent of the population aged 15-49 is estimated to be affected by HIV/AIDS (2009). Other common diseases are malaria, measles and tuberculosis.

Although the law prohibits child labor and violence against women, this still exists. However, education is as accessible to women as it is to men. Of the country's MPs, 15 percent are women.

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